Wax Is Dead

by Boss Collective Australia

Ceramic Coatings Just Got Better

WAX IS DEAD offer the very best in ceramic coating technology. Engineered for specific applications our ceramic coatings offer the ultimate protection under the most extreme conditions.

Wax Is Dead range of coatings are suitable for professional detailing companies wanting to offer customers enhanced ceramic coating technology as well as detailing enthusiasts that need the very best products for their pride and joy; WAX IS DEAD is unlike anything you have tried before.

How WAX IS DEAD Ceramic Coatings Work?

Clearcoat naturally has bumps and dips that allow particles to get trapped, which can cause damage and prevent your vehicle from having that deep glossy reflection.

Wax Is Dead's range of ceramic coatings fills in these bumps and dips thanks to it’s self-levelling technology to create a super-strong 9H hydrophobic surface that ensures your vehicle not only looks it’s best but repels harsh paint damaging particles and chemicals.

Who Are We?

Born in the USA as a specialty coating, research and development company specializing in the Ceramic Coating Industry for industrial installations.

Wax Is Dead have since then been creating and developing ceramic coatings for over a decade producing specific formulas for the automotive, Aerospace, home and marine industry

They have invested in & developed the next generation in nano ceramic technology and this is where wax is dead the pinnacle of ceramic coatings has been born.

Wax Is Dead's new line of Ceramics are unlike older generation multi layered ceramic coatings, and the reason behind this is a massive investment of time and capital to create the ultimate ceramic coating this has taken years of development in the USA and the UK with an outstanding Research & development team behind us.

To create what Wax Is Dead feels is the world’s most advanced next generation formula as a 1 layer based coating system which provides and bonds on a molecular level to the surfaces its installed to, no other ceramic on the market compares.


Wax is dead is the latest generation of ceramic coatings. We stay ahead of the competition with massive investment into creating the best formulas using the latest chemicals available to create the best coatings in the world.


Wax Is Dead's commitment to quality sets us apart from the competition. Their ceramic products are made (not just bottled or distributed) in the USA under strict control and consistency standards


Wax Is Dead have been producing and using coatings worldwide for nearly a decade, not just a few years.


ISO 9001 compliant, an internationally recognised standard which is the basis for quality management around the globe.


Their coatings have been Boeing tested for corrosion, crazing, paint softening and embrittlement – we guarantee they won’t damage your paint like Chinese cheap imitations and other cheaper products offered on the market.


Wax is dead also offer custom formulation of various SiO2 and TiO2 solutions to your requirements and sectors the formulas are used for.


The success of Wax is Dead is not only due to their coatings outstanding performance, but also due to their carefully selected ‘Approved installer’s expertise, level of service, and understanding of the Wax Is Dead products.

Installers may undergo a site inspection to make sure your premises is of a high standard and meets our criteria.

If you would like to offer the Wax Is Dead Ceramic Collection to your clients, please email us via admin@bosscollectiveau.com.au and our representatives will be in contact with you.